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Therapy Anywhere

Professional counseling sessions are available virtually anywhere and at no additional charge! Whether you call it online therapy, e-therapy or video therapy, tele-counseling has been around since the 1990s and is highly effective for most people. If you are at home, at the cottage, on vacation, away at school or traveling for business; stay connected to Summit Counseling Waukesha with secure HIPAA compliant Tele-Counseling.

Tele-Counseling is the perfect solution for road warriors, snow birds, business travelers, and those with mobility issues. Tele-counseling eliminates travel time letting you work your session into a busy day. There are no special equipment requirements. You may use your computer, tablet or smart phone where ever you have web access. Tele-counseling is most often used for one-on-one sessions, but it's great for couples and families in multiple locations.

If you would like more information please call me at 262-933-1071 or feel free to explore the Summit Counseling website. You may also schedule an appointment at any time by clicking on APPOINTMENT REQUEST at the top of any page.

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