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Parenting Professional

Summit Counseling is currently seeking a parenting expert. This is a contracted position and would be on an as needed basis.

A percentage of our clients are referred to us by guardians ad litem, client lawyers and District Attorneys. Some of these referred clients have issues related to parenting. These include suspected verbal and physical abuse, typically associated with less skillful parents. These parents will be current clients in therapy. Being able to provide parents this additional support could be life changing for them and their children.

Summit Counseling would like to find a wrap-around resource to help these parents. Responsibilities would include:

Act as co-facilitator for our Dad Boot Camp - a group experience for men struggling with parenting.

Work with parents individually to:
     Help parents understand  the 4 typical parenting approaches and the pros and cons of each.
     Help parents understand the consequences of their particular parenting style.
     Perform in-home observation of the parents with their children.
     Coach parents on appropriate ways of parenting.
     Assist parents in solving family specific behavioral issues.
     Assist reunification of parents and estranged children.
     Document work with each client.

The ideal candidate will be a parent or grandparent with a nursing, social work or counseling background. Formal training related to child rearing and parenting is preferred.

To learn more about this opportunity send a resume and cover letter by email to: [email protected]. Or call Stephan at 262-793-0991.

Licensed Professional or Licensed Professional - In Training

Are you seeking an employer that gives you the opportunity to pursue your career interests? Summit Counseling may be the place for you. We are a growing practice, and we welcome creative individuals with an enthusiasm for trying new things. Some qualities we look for in new team members include:

  • Individuals wanting to create their own niche in an organization,
  • an interest in and talent for new program development and group counseling,
  • individuals with significant life experience seeking an encore career,
  • individuals wanting to build a new career helping others,
  • varied backgrounds including military, parenting, educational, cultural, etc.,
  • an ability and interest in working with men and women or all ages, and
  • therapists that understand the unique challenges race, age, gender, disability, and sexual orientation can place on individuals. 

In addition to increasing the availability of therapists for our clients, we are also planning to enhance and/or develop new programs including; Teen Anger Management, Marriage Therapy, Family Reunification Therapy and Planning, Parenting, Emerging Adulthood Group and Individual therapy, Teen Anxiety and Depression, and the Men's Reading Group. If any of these topics are of special interest you please contact us. If there is a practice area you would like to develop, but haven't found the right organization to support your interests, call us.

We can offer half-time (minimum 12 billable sessions per week after 6 months) to full-time (minimum 20 billable sessions per week after 6 months). Highlights include:

  • A flexible schedule defined by you,
  • the ability to work virtually and in-person,
  • beautiful office space right off I-94 in Waukesha,
  • a supportive team of therapists invested in collaboration NOT competition,
  • a personal profile on Psychology Today,
  • your professional insurance is fully paid, and
  • a significant technical resource library.

Pay is a percentage of client billed hours. The percentage you receive increases as reimbursements increase. This is an employee position. Payroll will handle payroll and tax payments and issue employee W2 forms each January.

To learn more about this opportunity send a resume and cover letter by email to: [email protected]. Or call Stephan at 262-793-0991.


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