Record Requests And Letters

Letter Requests 

Letters will be provided for established clients only after 5 visits. Letters will be descriptive, not interpretive or predictive. For fees related to letters please go to the RATES & INSURANCE page.

Clients must sign a release for the letter to be sent. All letters will be descriptive, not interpretive, and will include the dates of service. The letter will not include analysis nor a prognosis. A letter might look something like this:

Recipient Name

Recipient Address

Dear ___________;

(Client Name) has participated in three sessions of counseling with me from January 4, 2018 to February 7, 2018. During these sessions she has reported trouble waking up in the morning, feelings of despair, and a difficulty completing everyday tasks. Client has also reported significant life changes including a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on her home within the last 6 months. She reports that her symptoms are making it difficult for her to meet her daily obligations. Following the guidelines of the DSM-IV, I have diagnosed (Client Name) as having Major Depressive Disorder.”

Therapist's Name

Wisconsin License Number

Clients must sign a release before letters or records will be sent to a third party.



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