AODA Assessments

Substance Use Assessments (also called AODA assessments) are typically court-ordered, requested by lawyers, judges, employers, family members or schools after an event such as an accident, legal charge or changes in behavior.  A Substance Use Assessment is always conducted by a licensed Substance Abuse professional. 

Your assessment will provide a written diagnostic impression of your substance abuse disorder (SUD) or dependence, based on current diagnostic criteria as defined by the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-5).  Recommendations are made based on the results of the assessment. These recommendations could include Early Intervention classes, outpatient services, inpatient substance use treatment or residential based services for substance use.

Summit Counseling substance abuse counselor Vanessa Schumann is licensed to provide therapy for substance abuse and mental health concerns. She has 20-years of experience in the behavior health field. Vanessa received a Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology in 2005 and focused on behavior analysis at a traumatic brain injury program. She then attained a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology in 2015. Since then she gained valuable experience at inpatient psychiatric facilities, community crisis response, managed health care / behavioral health case management. She is also experienced working with patients recovering from substance abuse and preparing for organ transplantation.

During your assessment, which can last from one to two hours, Vanessa will conduct a conversational interview about your use of alcohol, drugs, and other relevant topics. The discussion will include the impact of alcohol and/or drugs on your life, on your relationships, work, school, and your overall well-being. 

You’ll receive all recommendations and findings in a detailed written report. The report can be sent to third-parties, at your request. The report will not be shared with your medical insurance provider unless requested by you.

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