Age Gracefully

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Getting older can be frightening as we first begin to notice the signs of aging in our own bodies. We can’t see up close, our hair is getting gray - or falling out – and we feel stiff and achy when getting out of bed in the morning.

These realities can cause a number of responses in individuals. For those that see mid-life as a natural experience and a time of greater wisdom and opportunities, the change can be positive. However, for those that place a lot of value on the virtues of youth the midlife changes can be devastating.

During this stage of life men may gauge their worth by their job performance. They may want to look successful even though they may feel that their achievements don't measure up. Women, even career women, often gain validity through relationships. At midlife, they may evaluate their performance as a wife, mother, or both.

This is a great time to begin exploring new opportunities. Not activities chosen to prove “I’ve still got it,” but age appropriate activities that exercise your body and mind and let you use the wisdom that comes with age. Yoga, jogging, swimming, hiking, teaching, going back to school or becoming involved in community government are great activities for the middle years.

Sometimes individuals have a difficult time accepting that they are growing older. This can lead to anxiety, depression, or making poor life choices that can result in physical or emotional injury. If you find yourself in this situation it may be a good time to see a counselor. He or she can’t restore youth, but a counselor can help you come to terms with this phase of life.

                                              Isn't it nice that wrinkles don't hurt?


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